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Take a look at the Jargon Buster (left) to find all insurance terms explained. Read our technical YUBRIEFS below on a variety of useful topics.




Changes to the driving licence and how it affects your business

The driving licence counterpart was introduced in 1998 to display information that could not fit on the photocard driving licence. It includes penalty point information and provisional vehicle entitlements. After 17 years of dutifully doing its job the counterpart will be abolished on 8 June 2015.

Read our YUBRIEF to find out what new services the DVLA are introducing.

Date Posted: May 2015


Terrorism Insurance

Following the attacks in France please be aware that your insurance coverage is likely to exclude losses caused by terrorist acts, unless you have purchased additional cover. Read more in our YUBRIEF…

Date Posted: Jan 2015


Make sure your fireworks event goes off safely…

Like all outdoor events, you need to do a lot of careful planning.  Ask Yutree for advice on what insurance is required. You should also ensure other groups, such as caterers, exhibitors or stallholders, have adequate public liability cover of their own.

Our Planning & Managing Firework Displays YUBRIEF  has some hints and tips for making sure your event goes off safely.

Date posted: October 2014


Fraud is big business. Here’s how to prevent your business against it

According to the National Fraud Authority’s 2013 Annual Fraud Indicator Report1, the cost of this crime to the UK economy was £52 billion in 2013.

As many as 27 per cent of businesses incurred a fraud in that period, and common threats include internal fraud, identity fraud and cybercrime. Despite these dangers, many companies have inadequate systems in place to protect themselves. However, those that do take proactive steps can prevent losses and lessen the impact of fraud where it does occur.  Read more in our useful YUBRIEF.

Date posted: October 2014


Vehicle Key Security for the Motor Trade

It’s not surprising that your customers expect you to look after their car, so having it stolen whilst it’s in your care is not only annoying but would be very embarrassing. Read our tips on ways to deal with this and avoid it in our YUBRIEF on Vehicle Key Security – for the motor trade

Date posted: April 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cyber Crime – Don’t put your head in the cloud

Cyber-crime is currently the number three risk in the world to businesses. How well are you and your clients managing sensitive customer data? Can you really trust Cloud storage? These attacks are evolving at an alarming rate so get a comprehensive risk strategy in place. Find out how you can protect your business here… read our Cyber YUBRIEF on the subject

Date posted: April 2014


Business Interruption – A practical guide

It is important for all parties involved in both the placement of business interruption insurance and the calculation of claims to be aware of the differences between accounting gross profit and insurance gross profit. This guide will give you a better understanding of what you are insured for. It also includes a calculation sheet, which will help when talking it through with your insurance broker. Click here to read our guide on Business Interruption. Date posted: Feb 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Airside Insurance – What is it?

Most standard motor and liability insurance policies have an exclusion relating to any work that is carried out airside, so taxiways, certain parts of the terminals and other buildings located around the airport premises may be excluded. Find out more in our Airside Insurance YUBRIEF

Date posted: Jan 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Employers Liability – Do I need it?

We are often asked to explain when Employers Liability cover is required under the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 (‘the Act’). We have produced this YUBRIEF to help guide you. Everyone’s circumstances are different and change from time to time. So, give one of us a call if you are not sure.
Date posted: January 2014


Sprinkler Management Over The Christmas Period

While everyone is enjoying time away from the office this Christmas, just be mindful of what is happening at the office while it is empty. Read our Sprinkler Management over Christmas YUBRIEF for further information.

Date posted: December 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Health & Safety risks when preparing for winter

Winter is well and truly here, so with this in mind, it is important that offices and shops are fully prepared for the problems which this season can bring. It is also good to make sure staff are aware of the H&S dangers which are associated with carrying out such work. Read our handy guide to making sure you are prepared Preparing for the winter YUBRIEF

Date posted: December 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Fight the freeze…

Our winters are unpredictable – but they normally always catch us out. We can have a cold snap at any time. So lets not forget to take the right precautions. A lot of businesses shut down for Christmas, which is brilliant, but just make sure you remember to take these few simple precautions to reduce the risk of anything happening while everyone is enjoying the turkey. Fight the Freeze YUBRIEF

Date posted: December 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has asked business to rethink workplace safety provisions after the number of deaths in Great Britain as a whole failed to show a significant fall in 2011/12. Read our YUBRIEF for more information …

Date posted: September 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

DON’T let underinsurance hinder your business

Across many different market sectors and businesses, underinsurance is unfortunately common. When a claim arises, the impact can be disastrous. Read about ways in which you can make sure your business bounces back successfully from a major loss. Date posted: August 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sick Workers and the right to annual leave…

Make sure you know what your employees are entitled to by reading our latest CaseStudy. You can also speak to Yutree about accessing a range of employment contracts (the ‘Employment agreement’, ‘Fixed-term employment agreement’ and ‘Executive director’s service agreement’) to assist you in drafting legally compliant contracts…

Date posted: May 2013 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


In order to comply with the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and support the Employers Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) we need to supply not only details of your Employers’ Liability Policy, but also your Employer Reference Number (ERN). Read more about this …


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