Risk Management

We don’t just deal with claims, we try and prevent them


A key part of our service is naturally to help you through the claims process in the event of an incident. However, Yutree can also help put in place procedures that can significantly reduce the impact of a claim on your business, and in some cases actually prevent a loss.

We are working with Aviva, helping clients to manage business risks effectively. Click here to have access to all of their up-to-date information and advice.



Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster Recovery Plans can prove invaluable following a significant loss to get your business trading again as quickly as possible. We can provide templates and assistance in formulating the plan which gives you the means to contact staff, suppliers and customers, key services such as utilities and arranging alternative premises following an incident.

Valuation Service

Our valuation service ensures your key assets such as buildings and machinery are correctly valued so that any claims settlement accurately reflects their true worth or rebuild cost. The service can also extend to review turnover and profit levels when reviewing how the long the business would take to recover from a substantial loss. Please note this service is subject to a separate fee.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety naturally has many cross-overs with insurance and we are able to support you with any specific or generic advice. Within more specialised industries we will work with leading Insurers in those fields to ensure comprehensive, tailored Health & Safety reviews are provided.

Risk Assessments

Within many businesses Risk Assessments are a standard feature of the working day, be it on a building site or in a plastic injection factory. Please get in touch for advice on standard templates or more tailored documents which can support your Health and Safety policy.

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